We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership with GA based Tier4 Group to offer the Tier4 Secure service to their clients.

“Tier4 Group has been delivering strategic and tactical cybersecurity engagements such as CISO-as-a-Service, compliance program development, penetration testing, and forensic data breach analysis to our clients for the past 3 years,” said Betsy Robinson, Tier4 Group President and Chief Executive Officer. “By launching Tier4 Secure, we’ll now be able to extend our value by protecting our clients around the clock.”

We look forward to a long-standing win-win-win relationship with Tier4 Group and their clients. Read the full press release here: https://tier4group.com/tier4-group-launches-tier4-secure-to-keep-clients-safe-from-cyber-attacks-24-7-365/