Healthcare Industry Cyber Security

Is Your System a Target?

Cyber attackers target health care providers because they know if you get breached – your business shuts down, your patients are at risk, and your entire business model is in jeopardy.


Even though you spend millions of dollars on secure technology, hackers are always one-step ahead , sometimes making your security investments obsolete the moment you make them.

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Prevent Cyber Attacks

The best option to continuously prevent a cyber attack from shutting down your business is to look for a partner with a robust 24/7/365 monitoring capability, combined with targeted threat intelligence and incident response leadership.

Continuous Focus on Healthcare Systems

 Cyber Defense International allows healthcare technology executives to spend their time focused on enabling patient care rather than worrying about defending their systems against ransomware.

How we do it

Continuous system and network monitoring: Our monitoring services ensure every piece of technology in your enterprise is protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and we have all the reporting you need to share with your business partners to prove it.

Targeted Threat Intelligence: We use our threat intelligence experts to hunt for information about your company as well as known threats in your industry and the technologies you use to serve patients. Then we’ll compile that information to brief your executives and automatically integrate it into your monitoring services to make sure you can stay one step ahead of a planned cyber attack.

Incident Response: Our Cyber Operations as a Service includes industry leadership from seasoned cybersecurity executives to help you navigate the complexity of not only responding to a breach, but leading your Board and business partners through the process.

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